Nickoli (nickoli) wrote in poorinvictoria,

Do You Like Ice Cream? (Just Keeping This Community Alive)

Hey, there.

I stumbled across this community a little while and it seems intriguing. I guess most of you are off on summer breaks or whatever, but I really wanted to share this nifty find. I was at Oxford Foods today, and found that they had 1.89 litre tubs of Island Farms ice cream on for $3.29. I don't think it's an advertised special--despite the sign on it--as I'm usually good at finding those. It's a better deal than the $3.49ish prices ice cream has been getting periodically (like at Fairway this week), and a far better deal than the $4.48 Thrifty's wants this week for 2 L tubs of Breyers.

Anyway, now that you're all convinced that I'm some weird creepo geek here and there should be some sort of approval process for new members, I'm just gonna shuffle outta here for now. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer.

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