Homo Girl (homogirl) wrote in poorinvictoria,
Homo Girl

Salvation Army Vouchers

If you find yourself in a really tight spot and need some new clothes or household items (like towels, dishes , pots, pans , etc. go to The Salvation Army Family Services on the corner of Quadra and Hillside (right next to The Roxy Theatre) and they will most likely issue you a voucher for clothing (20 bucks) or household (20 bucks) or if you are in need they may give you both.
They are open usually from 9 am to 12 pm and 1 pm to 4 pm Monday to Friday. They are very supportive and non judgemental and you won't have to go through hoops to get a voucher.
The voucher then can be used at any of The Salvation Army Thrift Stores for the amount the voucher is issued for.

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