The Woman in Purple (rainbow_goddess) wrote in poorinvictoria,
The Woman in Purple

There is a post here that is about what it means to be poor. I made my own list. It's friends-locked, but here are some of the things I put on my list:

-- Being poor is trying to make $20 buy two weeks' worth of food.

-- Being poor is being called "lazy" and "a bum" because, even though you have a job now, at one time in your life you collected welfare.

-- Being poor is refusing your co-worker's invitation to a potluck lunch, because you don't have any food to contribute to the potluck.

-- Being poor is not taking your kitty to the vet when she's limping.

-- Being poor is avoiding all news coverage of the Saanich fair, because you couldn't afford to go to it.

-- Being poor is wondering what you will do with all the possessions you accumlated when you weren't poor, when you get evicted from your apartment.

-- Being a poor cat owner is not being able to move into subsidized housing because you have kittycats.

-- Being a poor cat owner is buying food for the cats before you buy food for yourself, because you could get food for yourself at the food bank, but not for the cats.

-- Being poor is a choice between going to work hungry, or missing work to go to the food bank to get food, because the food bank only offers food to single people one morning a week.
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