LuminaBlack (cousin_of_black) wrote in poorinvictoria,

wow this community's been dead a while!

So, er, I live in Geelong. And I was wondering if there's much help with getting el-cheapo food! 'course there's Banjo's, where you can get loaves of bread for a dollar sometimes. ooh! and hard-rubbish day'd be great 'cause I need more furniture for my bedroom! do they even HAVE hard-rubbish days in Geelong? the council's website isn't very helpful!

So me and my housemate are pretty poor. we get about $50 of groceries a week, which isn't much huh? rice is good, and big bags of homebrand frozen vegies. She says Coles is cheaper than Safeway, which is good! 'cause it means we have more to eat. we'd go to Aldi, but they're all kinda further from us, which is not good petrol-wise!

A really quick chocolate cake for one that I kind of invented, and is really yummy: a bit of flour in an ordinary bowl, and cocoa, and sugar, add milk (or water and marg if you're outta milk like we often are). Mix it all up, and microwave for a minute and a bit. With practice you'll get better at guesstimating how much of each to put in. It can tend to be a bit dry, so you'll want a glass of water or a cup of tea to wash it down with. But it's very good for when you just NEED something sweet to eat!

*hopes someone comments/posts as well so she doesn't feel like a loner*
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